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Price List



1.5 weeks after artwork


Rough idea:

If designs are complex and they do not have a vector file it might cost the 15.00 to convert the design to a screen printable file.


1-24 t-shirts (Same Design) One Side printing

2 or 3 colors ink

White Shirt-8.25

Grey Shirt-8.75

Black Shirt 9.25

Set-up 40.00


36-72 t-shirts(Same Design) One Side printing

2 or 3 colors ink

White Shirt-7.75

Grey Shirt-8.25

Black Shirt 8.75

Set-up 0.00


72 plus t-shirts

2 or 3 colors ink

White Shirt-7.50

Grey Shirt-8.00

Black Shirt 8.50

Set-up 0.


Banners 4.25 per Square foot + Shipping 10.00.00 each

These are full color digital banners

Example a 3 x 5 banner will be 63.75 plus 10..00

No Set-up or Artwork Charge


If you need numbers on the back they are 1.50 per digit


If they want designs on the back follow this idea

One color- add 1.00

Two Colors- add 1.50

Three colors- add 2.00


Price Comparison of All American Designs to

Other Local Companies



These are the prices quote over the phone on November of 2009


At Company A 25 Shirts with a two color print on the front only on a white shirts would be $12.00 per shirt.  It would be $13.00 to $14.00 for XXX Sizes.  There  would also be $25.00 charge for each screen.  That is a $50.00 set up charge since we are talking about two colors in this example.  Each color requires an additional screen.  The art work was also an additional $65.00.  Here is a comparison of the final costs.


At Company B I received a price quote from them for the same items they came in at $9.50 - $10.50 per shirts with a $25.00 per screen set up charge.   He also said the prices could be even higher depending on the amount of art work necessary.


Here is what your total cost for the same 25 shirt order come out to


Company A                  $ 300.00 shirts        $50.00 screens      $ 65.00 Art               Total $415.00

Company B                  $ 237.50 shirts        $50.00 screens      $ NA                          Total $287.50

All American Designs  $ 206.25 shirts       $40.00 screens       $ None                     Total  $246.25


Keep in mind that this is also on a very small order…only 25 shirts.   Imagine how much more you would be saving on a much large order?


Feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience and thank you for considering

All American Designs

All American Designs